How intelligent do chatbots need to be?

Chatbots are on everyone’s lips now. In addition to live chat, where you talk to “real” chat agents, you can now increasingly find chatbots on many sites that are placed in front of them. And so, more and more companies want to use chatbots, for very different scenarios. In any case, it should be a chatbot with as much AI as possible. However, many underestimate how much effort is needed. And it does not always make sense to equip the bot with as much artificial intelligence as possible. Basically, chatbots can be divided into three categories: Rule-based chatbots Speech-recognising chatbots Self-Learning chatbots Rule-based chatbots The rule-based chatbot has no intelligence in the actual sense. Instead, a rule tree is set up at the conception stage. This consists of a series of questions with a fixed number of answers. Each answer leads to another question with further answers. […]

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